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Spaces for Connectivity

    A primary issue of this design is that of connectivity with other cultural centers that would be erected simultaneously with the miami design. In order to achieve ephemeral spaces that would interact with the cultural center, and that at the same time would allow for connectivity to happen a Portable Laser Hologram System was developed for the the user; i.e. the visitor. This portable computer system consists of an special amalgamation of video, laser technology, and audio that creates surrounding spaces of any geometry. These geometries, or temporary spaces follow the user's direction, and at the same time fosters a visual transformation of the skin of the building. With this system the visitor can be connected via video/internet conference with other users around the world, and all the ergonomic exacerbation of the banal computer desktop design is  left behind. Each apparatus can interact with many others creating a cornucopia of ephemeral spaces that can easily become one giant transient meeting space.  Portable, ephemeral, spatial interface brings mobility and freedom to the virtual culture.


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